RISE empowers
Asia’s tech talent
into tech leader

Advance your skills, expand your influence,
steer your own career

“RISE offers expert-led live courses and high-quality peer community to help tech talent become tech leader.”

We believe Asia’s future growth relies on change-makers with tech leadership.

Who you learn from matters

RISE partners are experienced thought leaders and practitioners from fast-growing tech companies
across a variety of industries.

Angus Kong
Chief Technology Officer
Chi-Yi Kuan
VP of Data
Youchi Kuo
Consumer Insight
Joseph Yen
R&D Team Leader, Algorithm
Bryan Yang
Sr Data Engineer

Find out why they love RISE

“Gain a broad overview and think like a decision-maker to make my career goals more evident.”

- Ann, data engineer at

“The most enlightening moment was that instructors do not provide all the answers, but ask the right questions.  Working together with RISE members of cohort to create solutions was incredible!”

- Claire, Sr. data engineer at

“There’s a feeling of community because everyone with like-minded is going through it and figuring their way out together.”

- Amber, data scientist at

“RISE connects people from various industries and backgrounds, to exchange work experiences, and gain insights into the various frameworks and tools utilized by other organizations.”

- Enzo, Sr. data engineer at

“RISE offers great career growth, varied learning and real-world experience, plus the chance to build a network.”

- Sam, ex-Data Team Lead at

“RISE enabled me to become a supervisor in the future, understand how to structure frameworks, the pros and cons behind the design, and predict future benefits.”

- Dan, Data scientist at a global software company

2023 spring cohort open for application
10 limited seats

Cultivate skillset, mindset,
and network through RISE program

Immersive Cohort-based Live Courses

  • 6 weeks of intensive live sessions, with experts and peers
  • Bring theory to practice through frameworks and case studies
  • Solve challenges you face at work with real use cases across industries and business models

Access to Top Experts in Tech

  • Leading live courses with distilled expertise and industry practices
  • Demonstrating how to expand impact from task, project to business level
  • Offering personal advice on career and leadership development

A Community of Future Tech Leaders

  • Tackling business + tech challenges with like-minded lifelong learners
  • Co-creating learning with cross-industry and business model sharing
  • Connecting and exchanging opportunities for career advancement

Calling Future Tech Leaders

RISE is a highly selective program helping tech professionals develop leadership. Apply to join if you are:

► Experienced in building digital products, specializing in software engineering, data analytics/engineering, or product management

► Effective individual contributors stepping up beyond day-to-day tasks

► Current or emerging leaders aspiring to further expand influence

► Motivated self-learners with growth mindset and community spirit

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