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Unlock step-change growth in your career in 6 weeks and direct access to expert insights and experience.

Spring Cohort Offers 3 Courses

RISE empowers tech talents become tech leaders with tech expertise, business acumen, and people skills.
Direct access to instructors’ insights and experiences in each course.

Building Practical Distributed Systems

Build a decentralized social network capable of handling large traffic, and the system could be tested on real-world load testing (not protocol).

This course will combine theory workshops and projects.
Duration: week of 5/1 to week 6/9
Course Length: 6 weeks
Instructor: Victor & Li-Yi

Building high impact data organization

Data is the lifeblood of modern orgs, allowing them to succeed by making informed decisions quickly to react to fast change.

You will learn to build a high impact data analytics and engineering to enable your team to deliver business impact and insights.
Duration: week of 5/22 to week of 7/7
Course Length: 6 weeks
Instructor: Cliff

Engineering Team

Becoming an engineering manager requires managing both technologies and people.

Gaining knowledge about yourself, your team, and what it takes to be an effective manager is essential.
Duration: week of 4/24 to week 5/29
Course Length: 6 weeks
Instructors:Dami & Hubert

Meet the experts

Who you learn from matters. Get to know the instructors leading the Spring Cohort live courses.

Victor Neo
ex-Engineering Director
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Li-Yi Yang
Sr Software Engineer
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Hubert Yeh
ex-Engineering Manager
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Damiano Tietto
Director of Engineering
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Cliff Chew
ex-Sr Data Analyst
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Koo Ping Shung
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Based on Practice, Not Theory

Access actionable frameworks and priceless perspectives pulled from the hard-earned insights
of the best practice in tech.

Led by top experts and instructors in tech

Learn from experienced executives who actively tackle issues
and find solutions

Industry proven learning roadmap

Cohorts with like-minded leaders and tackles similar challenges with

Engage in and co-create high-quality and executable problem-solving solutions

Gain real experience in real use cases and business models with in cross-industry

Find out why they love RISE

“Gain a broad overview and think like a decision-maker to make my career goals more evident.”

- Ann, data engineer at

“The most enlightening moment was that instructors do not provide all the answers, but ask the right questions.  Working together with RISE members of cohort to create solutions was incredible!”

- Claire, Sr. data engineer at

“There’s a feeling of community because everyone with like-minded is going through it and figuring their way out together.”

- Amber, data scientist at

“RISE connects people from various industries and backgrounds, to exchange work experiences, and gain insights into the various frameworks and tools utilized by other organizations.”

- Enzo, Sr. data engineer at

“RISE offers great career growth, varied learning and real-world experience, plus the chance to build a network.”

- Sam, ex-Data Team Lead at

“RISE enabled me to become a supervisor in the future, understand how to structure frameworks, the pros and cons behind the design, and predict future benefits.”

- Dan, Data scientist at a global software company

How RISE works

01. Apply

share your experience and career goals

02. Interview

demonstrate your personality and growth mindset

03. Enroll

enroll for one live course you want to expand your impact

04. Learn

advance your skill in 4~6 weeks of live courses

05. Connect

immerse in RISE high-engaging learning community for 12 months

All-in-one RISE membership includes

  • 6-week live course learning directly with expert instructor and professional peers
  • 12-month RISE community pass: a selective community of experts and peers with member-only events, opportunities, and connections