Building high impact data organization

Develop a holistic view and build your data organization more effectively and impactful.

Course Overview

Data is the lifeblood of modern organisations, allowing them to succeed by making informed decisions quickly to react
to a fast changing environment.

You will learn how to build high impact data analytics and engineering to enable your data team to deliver business impact
and insights beyond just numbers and statistics.

Meet the Instructors

Cliff Chew

Ex-Senior Data Analyst

  • Rich data experiences in Carousell and Grab
  • Enabling companies to build data capabilities >> Learn More

Koo Ping Shung

Data Science Rex Pte. Ltd, Co-founder

  • Experienced in full data process from collection to strategy implementation and performance measurement. >> Learn More

Technical Requirements

  • Need to be proficient in at least 1 programming language (Python, R, SQL for data analysis)
  • Occasionally use Database and Dashboard tools for analytics purposes
  • Know about Task Orchestration and Code versioning

Who is this for?

  • Emerging data leaders and experienced data professionals who want to scale the impact of their data team
  • Senior technical leaders who want to gain a broad set of experience to better guide their data team


  • Duration: week of 5/25 to week of 7/6
  • Course Length: 6 weeks

Topics Covered

Building Effective Data Teams

Learn about different organizational structures for data teams, such as centralized, decentralized, or hybrid models, and the pros and cons of each for optimal collaboration.

Designing Efficient Workflows

Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in data workflows and provide strategies for streamlining processes to increase overall operational efficiency.

Optimizing Data Infrastructure

Establish data governance policies to reduce risks and improve quality and consistency through understanding how to choose the right data storage and processing technologies and implement data security measures.

Delivering Value to Business Stakeholders

Gain knowledge on how to align data efforts with business goals and identify metrics to measure the impact of data-driven insights on business performance.

Building a Data-Driven Culture

Learn to overcome resistance to data-driven decision-making, build trust in data, and incentivize data use and collaboration to create a culture that values data and encourages its use in decision-making.