Engineering Team

Develop management skills through building self-awareness on your motivation to better lead your engineering team and goal.

Course Overview

Becoming an effective engineering manager requires you to be good at managing both technologies and people.
You will gain crucial knowledge about yourself, your team, and what it takes to be an effective manager.

Through role-playing with real-world situations and creating decision-making frameworks to enhance your communication and management techniques.

Meet Instructors

Damiano Tietto

Engineering Director

  • Site lead of Carousell's Taiwan Development Center
  • Created an Engineering Manager Academy >> Learn More

Hubert Yeh

ex-Engineering Manager

  • Helped to grow Airbnb Seattle office from 5 people to 350+
  • Scaled Airbnb's customer service support >> Learn More

Participation Requirements

  • Be open to sharing your experience and getting feedback
  • Practice what you learn in your role and reflect upon your progress

Who is this for?

  • Current engineering managers
  • Aspirational tech leads

6-week Live Course

  • Duration: week of 4/24 to week 5/29
  • Schedule: Every Monday from 19:30-21:30 (GMT+8)
    (Due to national holiday, the live course on 5/1 will be rescheduled to 5/4)

Topics Covered

Understanding Your Motivation

Discover what drives you through a deep dive into personal motivation for management roles.

Defining Success

Great managers can come in many forms. Define what makes a successful engineering manager and develop the skills to become an effective leader.

Navigating Tough Conversations

Build your confidence and sharpen your communication skills by learning how to handle difficult conversations such as performance reviews, resignations, and pay raises.

Empower Your Team

Learn to engage and motivate your team through effective communication, 1-on-1 meetings, review meetings, and other team management techniques.

Managing technologies

Learn to make informed engineering decisions as a manager, balancing technical and managerial responsibilities