• One fixed price for RISE membership (1 live course and 12-month community pass) is NT $22,000 / SG $965
  • Talents recommended by RISE members will enjoy annual fee waiver of NT $6,000 / SG $265 in first year
  • RISE applicants can only enroll on one single live course during any given cohort
  • RISE members will enjoy a special offer to enroll in additional live courses during the membership period (2023 summer and winter cohort to be announced soon)


About RISE

▶  What do I get with a RISE membership?

▶  How long is RISE membership for? How much does it cost?

▶  How many cohorts are included with an annual membership?

How to Join

▶  Why is RISE admission-based? What is the process?

▶  What criteria do you look for?

Live Courses

▶  How can I best prepare for and participate in a live course?

▶  How much time should I plan to devote to a live course each week?

▶  Are live courses available to watch on demand, if I need to be absent for a session?

▶  Can I join more than one live course at a time?

▶  Will I be given a certificate at the end of the live course?


▶  What payment options do I have to pay for my RISE membership?

▶  Is there a refund policy for RISE membership?

[ Disclaimer ]

Our company reserves the right to update the RISE's Terms of Service from time to time. The updated RISE's Terms of Service will be available on the FAQ for your review, and Members will be notified of any amendments to RISE's Terms of Service.

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